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Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. And when you or your partner has a tight budget, the price of the wedding can become even more stressful. But there is hope! The DL Weddings For Less offer The Event Hub at very reasonable rates and help you plan a stress-free wedding day.

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The Hub Services

Need something else? Don’t worry! DL Weddings For Less provides customizable wedding packages curated especially for the weddings at the hub.

Book now, only limited schedules are available.

stress-free wedding

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Weddings are often seen as the most special occasion in one’s life. 

However, not all people can afford fancy venues and impeccable decorations to celebrate their union with their nearest and dearest. This is why DL Weddings For Less provide an affordable solution for couples looking for simple yet intimate weddings through its events hub located in Marilao, Bulacan. 

The hub can accommodate up to 30 people, a perfect match for couples looking for intimate weddings solution.

Having been in operation for more than three years and counting, we at DLWFL have already served more than 400+ customers to date. We are committed to ensuring that our clients will feel as though they made the right choice when choosing us as their wedding company partner.

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