Franchising Process

Details on how to

Franchising Your Next Business

Here are the steps to follow in applying a franchise with us:

Step 1: Officially Notify DLWFL Head Office

Send us your comprehensive resume together with your letter of intent to:

DL Weddings For Less
Ms. Lyka C. Bincal​

Step 2: Application Review

We will thoroughly review your application

Step 3: We will invite you

We will discuss the franchise details and inclusion

Step 4: Location Review

We proposed location will be examined

Step 5: Execution of franchise agreement

DL Weddings For Less and the franchisee will sign the franchise agreement.

Step 6: Training

Office setup and franchisee training will commence

Step 7: Marketing assistance

The digital marketing will start through social media and website.

Step 8: Opening day

The franchisee is now ready to start doing business!

Play Video

Watch the video to learn more about the franchising opportunity of DL Weddings For Less

 The franchise initial term is 5 years.

The renew term is 5 years.

The service fee is 3%.

The royalty fee is 2%