How To Get Married at Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church in San Rafael Bulacan

When entering the church, you'll find the atmosphere solemn and the birds singing in the distance. The church's aisle isn't long nor short, but you'll be delighted that you have ever walked there.
Facade of the Parish Church


If you’re looking for a Catholic church to help make your wedding dreams come true, Sagrado Corazon de Jesus in San Rafael Bulacan is the place to go.

The church has been hosting weddings since its inception in 2000, and its beautiful grounds and impressive architecture will make your wedding day unforgettable.

The church provides a beautiful background for weddings unlike any other. In addition to traditional wedding ceremonies, Sagrado Corazon de Jesus also offers unique wedding ceremonies because it is already majestic.

The Aisle

Whatever kind of wedding you’re dreaming of, this is the perfect place to make it happen.

The location

Entrance of the Church

The church is located in Cruz Na Daan, San Rafael, Bulacan. The church is situated just along the national road. It is near Plaridel Bypass. The church’s facade isn’t just a sight to behold but gives rise to a fantastic look.

When entering the church, you’ll find the atmosphere solemn and the birds singing in the distance. The church’s aisle isn’t long nor short, but you’ll be delighted that you have ever walked there.

A unique place. On top of that, the altar has icons of Jesus and Mary, which provide a magnificent backdrop. Indeed, this church will leave a solid and lasting impression.

The parking space

Every couple anticipates sufficient parking when choosing a church for a wedding. No need to worry, the church lots are spacious enough for guests and your guest to park next to each other.

Just look around the church, and you’ll see that the parking lots are huge enough for guests to find a parking spot.

What documents are required

To make sure that you have a place to exchange vows within this Parish church, make sure these prerequisites have been met:

  1. Marriage Contract (If married through civil rites) or Marriage License (For unwed couples)
  3. Baptismal Certification with annotation of “For Marriage Purposes”*
  4. Confirmation Certificate with annotation of “For Marriage Purposes”*
  5. Original PSA copy of the birth certificates*
  6. Pre-CANA seminar, you may coordinate with the church for the schedule.
  7. Marriage Banns or public notices (Three consecutive Sundays – coordinate at the parish office)
  8. Marriage Interview with the Priest – for schedule.

*Requirement for the bride and groom

How to book

The church needs at least two months’ notice to book a reservation. The booking fee is 7,500.00 pesos with a reservation fee of 500 pesos.

A mass/wedding ceremony, a candle, and a Bible are included. Be aware that alternative inclusions (such as a florist) in the booking must be made by the couple.

If you have questions about the reservation process or need clarification on anything related to your booking, you can call the church office at 044-716-1947. The administrators will be happy to help you out and can clarify any concerns you may have.

Remember that the earlier you make your reservation, the more likely your preferred date and time will be available.

Wedding schedules

The Church Altar

Weddings in this parish are becoming a popular choice for couples getting married.

There are only a few days each week where ceremonies can take place, and they tend to fill up quickly, so it’s essential to book well in advance.

The available appointment times for weddings in this parish church are Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10 AM and 2 PM only. Weddings on Sundays occur only at 2 PM, and weddings on Mondays are not offered.

Because of the limited options, booking as early as possible is best. That way, you’ll be sure to get the day and time you want.


Side Aisle

The church is highly recommended for those who want a traditional Catholic wedding. Book early, though, because this place is in high demand!

In conclusion, Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Catholic Church is a great place to get married, but if you’re looking for an even better deal, call DL Weddings For Less today!

Our company offers fantastic complete wedding packages, which provide everything you need to make it a great event. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity – contact us at our phone number today and reserve one! Our number is 0908-887-82821, and our helpful associates will be happy to help you with your inquiries.


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